Cotton Balls are Very Quiet

(Originally written on January 1)

Happy New Year, one and all!! I was just remembering last night as we watched the ball drop, that when I was a kid I always used to have a wild sensation inside me when I was waiting for the new year to begin. It was like I wanted to hold my breath and let it out at the same time. I didn’t want to let go of the previous year, but I couldn’t wait for the new one. It made me hyper and jumpy. Well, I hope that you all have entered into the new year with eager, expectant looks on your faces, or a hopeful smile, or a giggle in your pocket. You never know what’s coming around the bend– look for it!

Thankfully, my new year has started in the best possible way for me… quietly. I’ve had a bit too much rushing lately, and I’m talking long before the Christmas rush. I feel like I’ve been on the go with no end in sight since about 2005. I needed to start this year quietly, with the snow gathering in poofy cotton balls on the trees outside, and with a lazy frozen pizza for lunch that smell like popcorn, and tasted like simplicity. JP and I took a long, long walk in the snow this morning because we’re dog sitting for a dog who could walk for days. It sure was a nice walk. And now there’s not much of a plan. Thank goodness for a day to just be quiet.

I got swept up by a whirling-dervish this past fall, and didn’t get dropped back down until… well, until now. Whirling-dervishes are pretty exciting to be a part of, but they’re also exhausting and leave no head space for writing blogs. JP tried his best to be the heavy and force me to sit down and share my thoughts on life with you, but he’s a little too sensitive and nice to be very effective at that. He tried whining, whimpering, crying, and sulking. He tried guilt. He tried to leave me alone. But, the very best attempt to get me to write was his desperate bribe. The day after Thanksgiving, JP promised that if I wrote one blog entry per week, for one year, he would get me my very own mini-wiener dog!! Tempting… We’ll just see if it works. I’m typically not one to fall for bribes. However, I did clarify to see if he meant 52 blog entries, or one actual entry each week. He was nice. He said 52 entries total.

So, Happy New Year! Here’s to quiet days, and wiener dogs. Here are some pictures from Christmas break including our friend Betsy’s 30th birthday party with chocolate fondue; Amy, Dad and JP at home for Christmas; and Bo the dog!

A few from Betsy’s 30th Bday Dinner Party, with chocolate fondueimga0194.jpg Amy, Dad, and JP at home for ChristmasFun with Bo


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