What Accumulation?

I think today will be a good day to shovel. You guys in India will appreciate it… this is how much accumulation we’ve had…:)


I have had a little bit of a crazy travel schedule in 2008 and that will continue to heat up until it simmers down in March. It has been hard to keep these trips separate as they all seem to melt into one big trip. I had my first official meeting with my contact in the Philippines today. Its finally beginning to become more real. I did not know till today that the Filipino currency is the peso… like Mexico. I am not looking forward to Baalut… but weird as this might sound, I am curious. If you don’t know what that is, try googling it. I am also looking forward to exploring both Manila and the island of Mindanao by myself.

I am off to California next week for a short trip. That might be a little shock to my system. I think my body gradually adjusts to the winter and every time I get exposed to how much warmer life is in other parts of the world… my body begins to rebel! I’ll take my chances though… should be fun.

Off to shovel today! 🙂


6 thoughts on “What Accumulation?

  1. you will eat balut and you will love it. i can’t wait for your next post about how much you love it. 😉

    i hear that one of the most memorable sounds of the philippines is that of the balut vendors- much like mother india’s chaiwallas!

  2. I like the new blog. It is much cleaner and has a fresh feeling.
    Yeah yeah I’ll get around to mine one of these days.
    BTW…I am not happy that i googled balut…thank you!

  3. I know.. for all of you who googled it.. my apologies.. I didn’t realize what I did.. till i did a google image search a few minutes ago… yikes! Then again, you are not the ones who might have to eat it..:)

  4. i’m not saying they’re even remotely comparable. i’m just saying that it’s as accessible.

    resist! 🙂

    you’re great. one of my favorites, in fact.

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