It has taken some time for the start of this semester to slow down, but here it is Friday afternoon, and I’m realizing that things have indeed slowed down, if only just a bit. This morning, one of our student workers told me that college life can make it difficult to do a decent job of hibernating in the winter. With all of the low temperatures and snow that we’ve been accumulating, we probably should all be hibernating a bit more than we have been around campus. (No snow days in college!)

Anyway, being that life has slowed down for the moment, and in honor of hibernation, I’m taking the liberty of drinking a cup of vanilla tea, and trying to catch up on my stack reading. For now I’ve opted for Girl Meets God by Lauren F. Winner. I’ve just begun, but it is an interesting memoir of a quirky girl on a faith quest. She converts to Orthodox Judaism (not a short or simple journey), and then converts to Christianity. In addition to all of that, the book appears to be filled with many smile-shaped trinkets of stories along the way. I’ll enjoy it.

Tonight, also in honor of hibernation, I’m making soup. I haven’t decided which soup, but we did some grocery shopping last night and have the ingredients on hand for at least three soups. Maybe we’ll have soup all weekend long. That would also be good for hibernation!

Hope you all have some quite, yummy, indoor moments this weekend– especially if you live in the colder parts of the world!!


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