The Soup


So, we decided on the Peanut Curry-Squash soup last night. We had it for the first time several weeks ago, and even though I seriously burned my mouth on the piping hot squash the first time, we knew the recipe was a keeper. Last night it was just as good, and probably better for me because I was careful to let it cool a bit before I ate it. I also made bread in my bread maker on the ultra-fast mode for the first time. It calls for 110 degree water, and I had to guess on the amount of yeast because it didn’t call for the variety I had in my house. But it turned out beautifully in just the amount of time it took to make the soup start to finish. 58 minutes. A fabulous start to the weekend if you ask me.This morning involved a recipe I found on 101 Cookbooks, a favorite cooking blog of mine, called Raspberry Mega Scones. They were not nearly as pretty as the pictures shown on 101 Cookbooks, but they sure tasted fantastic. We’ll look forward to sharing their sweet and sturdy goodness at breakfast and brunch gatherings in the future.It sure does my soul good to hibernate in my kitchen! (I think JP likes it too!!)

3 thoughts on “The Soup

  1. Well Katy, since it is easier to make a comment now with your new BLOG site I will comment on the beautiful cheesecake with NO eggshells! 🙂 Impressed!
    Also I can tell you are working hard for that little wiener dog….how many more blogs to go? See you soon YAY!

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