Of Laundry and Brewsters

I have this theory in my head… not so much a theory as it is a reflection. Katy and I do our own loads of laundry. I know, we have been married for more than 3 years and yet…this is how it is… it works for us. The last items that I put away when I do laundry are my socks. I think matching socks before folding them and putting them away is akin to balancing your check book. Nothing brings you greater joy than making sure you have your number matched… or your socks for that matter. I might be exaggerating but you get my drift.

I was in California last week. Booking things online can be easy and convenient but sometimes they can be quite annoying as well. ALL my flights (Grand Rapids to Minneapolis; Minneapolis to Sacramento; and back) involved yours truly sitting in the middle seat. Maybe its just me, but very rarely do I get to sit next to somebody who smells better than feet. Mullets seem to be making their way back… but really I think they never did go out of style in some cases.

Anyway, I digress, I had a wonderful trip out west. Escaping from the wintry clutches of Michigan was going to be fun but except for the sunshine, California remained pretty chilly. I even got to see a minivan on Interstate 5 with snow on the roof. It was a little surreal, it was still California…sunshine, palm trees and buildings designed for warmer climates but there was snow and winter coats.   I got to meet some wonderful people who hosted me and were able to show me a part of the US that I was not really familiar with.  I was a little concerned about driving on the freeways in California… but those worries were really unfounded.   My dad always said, if you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere in the world.   He was right!:)   On my flight back I got to sit next to one Mr. Lincoln Brewster.  His band was on the way to some gig in Cleveland… I did not know who he was… hence when we introduced ourselves… I repeated… oh..Lincoln Rooster… nice name.   Anyway…  cool band…   we had a great chat.  I did not realize how big they were till I “googled” them later on.

My 2008 has been quite top-heavy with traveling.   I do enjoy the travels but I am looking forward to sticking around for a couple of months in March and April.   I hope you are well today and staying out of the slush that seems to have over-whelmed Holland, Michigan!

8 thoughts on “Of Laundry and Brewsters

  1. :o)

    That is a funny post. You dad was right. If you can drive in India..you CAN drive anywhere in the world. I am still getting used to the speed though. Sometime I convert the miles/hour into kilometers/hour, and almost faint at the number. Now Vijay forbids me from doing numbers while I am at the wheel. ;o)

  2. you know, anna kaloothai, you can request a specific seat on just about any website that lets you book tickets.

    unless you LIKE sitting in the middle.

  3. True.. but I did not think of it till later. And I did try to change it when I had my e-check in..but of course.. either I had to dish out $30 for an exit row or sit next to the woman with the mullett…I chose the latter…

  4. I am listening to “Let the Praises Ring: The Best Worship Songs of Lincoln Brewster” tonight and wishing I had been in the middle seat…he does have kind of a mullett hairstyle on the cd cover…I could loan the cd to you.

  5. I would love to listen to your CD sometime sue.. 🙂 And the mullett was actually in reference to the lady sitting on the other side of me.. head banging the entire trip..:)

  6. I stand corrected on Lincoln’s hair style. Dan calls it a phaux-hawk. I forgot what a mullett was so he reminded me. I’ll drop that cd off at ASM sometime. Hope the lady didn’t get a headache. Stay warm!

  7. 🙂 A mullett = business up front … party in the back as my friend Lori taught me! I dont think that lady did get a headache.. it was funny to be sitting in that row… had a headbanger on one side and a worship leader on the other… hope you are warm as well!

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