I was very skeptical when I saw this commercial on TV sometime back but on my last trip, at the airport in Minneapolis, I found one of these things in the restroom. They are pretty amazing… I couldn’t believe how well it actually works. Katy is still not convinced.


9 thoughts on “Airblade

  1. We use airblades all over at work, but not for drying hands, we have normal hand-dryers and paper towels for that. It’s nothing fancy really, just two plates of metal stuck together with compressed air being force out a tiny crevice between the two plates. That hand dryer looks cool though.

  2. What if they had a full body airblade? wouldn’t that be weird…Honey, you just got out of the shower, aren’t you going to dry off? sssshhhhuuuuupppp! All done. I’d take mine everywhere! Take it easy-Gerald

  3. I like the full body airblade idea. Well, trade secrets and all, let’s just say they use airblades to suppress glass chips while we’re working with the glass, they’re also used to blow off the glass while cleaning it too.

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