Much seems to have been left untold lately, so I’ll try to cover a few of the highlights.

First, for Valentines Day, JP made me breakfast in bed!  He usually likes to brag a little, so I’m surprised you haven’t already heard about it!  🙂  It was a delightful wonder of eggs, bacon, buttered toast, coffee, and orange juice.  Oh, and it was my favorite day in the newspaper, when they have a cooking section, so he brought that too.  It couldn’t have been better.  [JP fears that he burned the bacon, but I thought it tasted great, especially for the first time ever having made bacon.  I think the problem was that he cooked it on high!!]  JP also felt this endeavor was a raging success, and is already planning future breakfast in bed menus.  Great news for me, I think.

Secondly, JP left for the Philippines on Saturday for a two week trip, with plans to swing by India on the way back home.  (If we’re lucky he may update us from the road.)  I realized after JP left that I had no idea what kind of time difference I was working with, and that I, as usual, had very few details about this trip.  The good news is that JP called this afternoon  (4:30pm our time, 5:30am Philippines time tomorrow) to let me know that he had safely arrived in Manila and was waiting for his final leg of the flight to another part of the Philippines.  His suitcase did not arrive, so for those of you out there that pray for luggage situations, maybe you can keep this one in mind.  JP seemed quite carefree in his attitude about the lost luggage, but keep in mind he had only slept six hours in the last two days.  We’ll hope that his luggage will find him sometime soon, at least for the sake of some clean clothes!

I guess that is the news from Holland right now.  Hope you’re all doing well!

Good night.


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thank you Janet. I am in India now and just scouted out the globalbagtag website. I am quite intrigued now. I appreciate your suggestion!

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