From JP

This week has been absolutely amazing. Ive heard so many stories…
Met so many amazing people and been really touched deeply. Filipinos
are a loving people with warm hearts and a great sense of humor. I
obviously cannot share everything but I’ll try and capture some of the
highlights so far.

* my flight from Chicago to San Francisco was smoother than
anticipated. I even kinda enjoyed it.
* I embarked then on the longest flight of my life… A 16 hour non
stop flight from SF to Manila. Yes… Non stop!
* of course life would be easy if I had my suitcase also but not this
time. So I boarded my next 1.5 hour flight to the city of Cagayan de
Oro in the southern island of Mindanao.
* got picked up by pastor Ruel. He basically picked me up as I stepped
off the plane. We had to walk all over talking to people about the
baggage situation. We then headed to the Seaside camp.
* beautiful day… Sunny… 80s… By the south Philippine Sea… I
essentially walked from my plane into the meetings.
* Filipino food is wonderful. I tried everything and loved them
all…. And no… No Balut this time:) last night we had a cultural
dinner and the food was outstanding… I’ll post pictures later.
* there were 2 guests from Mexico at the camp. One of my favorite
moments came from time spent with them and another good Filipino
friend I befriended. We had two Mexicans talking to an Indian in
Spanish while a Filipino translated. Now my Filipino friend did not
speak any Spanish but his dialect had some Spanish roots. It was truly
an international moment. We chatted all afternoon collectively
laughing and banging our heads on the picnic tables!
* I fit right in in this country… So similar to India and yet so
very different.
* its not fun to have no flip flops. I learned a VALUABLE lesson on
how-to-pack your cabin bags.
* I lived on borrowed towels and sheets. No deodorant. Wore shoes with
no socks because the only socks I had were my compression socks for
the airplane ride that stunk so bad that your eyes would tear up when
you were within a 2 mile radius.
* when my suitcase came … I was honestly shocked because I had given
up hope of seeing it on this trip because of all my connections and
* I will miss the people here and I sincerely hope I can come back
soon with Katy!
* I leave for Manila tomorrow and will write more as I am able!


2 thoughts on “From JP

  1. ah… the disappearing luggage act. Always pack at least 2 changes of clothes and a towel in your carry on. Better to be paranoid than have to wear dirty clothes! 🙂

  2. Amen to that! I figured essentials in the carry on … deodorant, change of clothes, extra socks (or flip-flops), toothbrush and toothpaste, a towel, and hope that the suitcase will arrive the next day!

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