45 degrees warmer?

I have this cool feature on my iPod touch where I programmed cities that I frequent. Everytime I am online, it downloads the weather for all these cities and today, Bangalore was sunny with temperatures hitting the 90s. Holland was supposed to have a high of 44 degrees (F) today. It was weird to pack for this trip because everything I wore in Michigan I had to leave behind because I wasn’t just going to a warm place but rather to the heart of a new “season.” I really do miss this back in Michigan… wish it could be sunny and in the 80s all the time… oh well!

I had a good trip to India. Quite uneventful as far as the traveling bit was concerned. Spent my first day up in New Delhi before flying down later to Bangalore. It is good to be here and even though I am here for only a couple of days, it feels quite normal. My brother James took a train down from Hyderabad to spend time with me. It got me thinking. When I first left for the US almost 12 years ago, coming back to India was a BIG deal. I would spend months in preparation, had to concentrate hard on my studies in college because my brain would go wandering, I had to make sure I had all the paperwork in order and would re-check it every day… it was simply put, a BIG deal.

Today though, I had the strange realization that travel has become rather routine for me. Much like the train ride for James.   I got down at the airport in Bangalore late last night… my dad gave me the keys and I drove the gang home! To think that the last time I actually drove something, was the Hyundai in Michigan almost 2 weeks ago! Traveling this far… has gotten routine… and while I am glad it is routine, I do miss the warm fuzzies that used to come when I lay down on my bed in Heemstra Hall on a bad day. I would look forward to laying down and dreaming of India. I had dreams of days that were sunny and 45 degrees warmer. Where the food was spicy and family and friends cavorted around the TV for a cricket game. Now, to just be clear…I do still enjoy coming to India and would do it in a heart-beat… any time… its just a little more normal now… a little more routine… I think you know what I mean. I do not want to ever forget the warm fuzzies… keeps me thankful for what I have now.

I am going to be in Bangalore for a couple more days and then I head back to Katy and the US. I have 6 planes to take on my voyage home… and with each plane ride… I am going to be really praying that my luggage sticks with me!

I will try and post pictures tomorrow of my trip.


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