I know we are the most popular blog in the world… we aren’t even close but the amount of email and feedback I received in the last couple of weeks makes me realize that we really did have a faithful following who were bummed about the lack of updates. We are sorry for our hiatus. I am writing this update at 7 AM on a balmy Thursday morning. Hopefully, for future updates, I will not have to pound one out this early again!:)

As is to be expected when Katy and I are quiet for this long, a lot usually happens. This time is no different. We have BIG news. First of all, Katy and I have had our prayers answered. Doing ministry in different areas was fun for us as we began our marriage but deep in our hearts, there has always been this longing to work together. It is quite interesting, when we got married, in our pre-marital counselling classes, we were surprised to see how close our “family of origin” issues really were. Katy and I grew up essentially on the two opposite sides of the planet and yet our families shared very eerie similarities. This longing therefore is again nothing too surprising as both of our parents have pretty much worked together all our lives.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this semester at Hope will be Katy’s final semester serving as the chaplain of Hope College. This fall, she will begin to work with me at Audio Scripture Ministries. Being the gifted writer that she is, we will use her to help us in telling our stories. Katy will also be over-seeing most of the media work that happens. Her artistic eye will help in making our media presentations beautiful. And most importantly, Katy will be helping me with some of the details that I am currently dealing with. Details are not my forte, so this will be SWEET!:)

If that wasn’t big enough for you, another bit of news. Katy is pregnant! We are almost done with four months of it. She is due in October. We are so excited about it. And so far, everything is on course and everybody is feeling healthy. We are still planning on taking the summer trip to India. We’ll continue to keep you posted!

And finally, we got Katy’s birthday present yesterday. I know, her birthday was in March but we had been saving for a while now. Finally splurged and got the new Canon Xsi D-SLR. We have only now begun to scratch this camera’s potential, and we are BLOWN away. I am attaching a couple of pics that we took last night on our walk. Enjoy!

We do apologize for our delayed update… but we are appreciative of your support and loyalty here! Love you guys!

Berries at a neighborhood park

Another close-up

Katy at the park


8 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. I was beginning to wonder about the 52 posts we were supposed to see so that Katy could get that dog…guess it is not so important now that there is a BABY on the way!!! I hope you are feeling good, Katy. There are so many changes ahead for you, can you feel the baby’s movements yet? How exciting. A new job, a new baby, God is so good. Can’t wait to see you three on the 18th!
    With joy,

  2. Woah… this is great news guy! I can’t believe this! I know you guys have been longing for this for such a long time, it’s exciting that you’ve finally got a D-SLR. Thanks for the update about that other stuff too.

  3. Sue… you are right.. I think the baby might take precedence over a mini-hot dog.. We can’t wait for the 18th either. I was just thinking that I need to start thinking about my sermon!

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