So near and yet…

This last week has been a strange week for Katy and me. It started last weekend when my brother James boarded his plane to come to the U.S. He has been in the U.S. this past week and will be headed back to India today. The strangeness, for me, comes from the fact that even though James is here… in the U.S… Katy and I do not get to see him. He is here attending a conference on behalf of the Google/Youtube conglomerate. And yet, not being able to see him, much less even talk to him as much as we normally would…adds to surreal nature of the week. I am really glad he was able to come here but a part of me wishes trips like this remain few and far between. I’d rather he come for a conference but have the luxury of coming and spending some days with us up in Michigan.

Coming up to Michigan would definitely mean connecting with us and other friends he has made along the way. However, more importantly, he would then cut through the layers and get into true Americana. While San Francisco and California have a charm uniquely their own, his home in Michigan would help him stop being a business traveler and enter into a family. When we lead teams to India, this is one of the best gifts we can offer people, the gift of family. I feel bad that he was not able to experience that this time around.

I have been trying to figure out how his week has been. He has done some shopping, has enjoyed waffles (even made one himself), but mostly, spent most of his time at the conference. Poor kid. Then again, I remarked to him the last time we talked…”Can you believe it? In a little more than a year, you have been in the U.S. twice already?” That is definitely something we never saw coming. Hoped for? Yes! Optimistic? Not really.

I hope he has a safe trip home. I hope he can come back again. I hope he can visit us in Michigan.


2 thoughts on “So near and yet…

  1. Maybe next time his conferences will be in Seattle, and then he can come to my home and see me. 🙂 I think siblings of in-laws count as family, right? 🙂

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