Katy and I have had this problem that we had to deal with since we got married. For those of you who know us well, it may come as no surprise. This problem revolves around us and our pawed companions. I have always had dogs around me growing up as has Katy. Unfortunately, our lives have not been ideally suited to welcome our furry buddies to join our family because of our fear that no sooner we get settled into a groove, that we have to pick up and go overseas. It is a small price to pay for the blessings that we are showered with in this cross-cultural marriage of ours. But it is a price nonetheless.

I am happy to report though that I think we may have found a solution to our dog-situation. There are no rent-a-dog programs.. or even a “lease-a-pet” arrangement we can find in Holland. (Speaking of which, wouldn’t that be a great idea?). We do the next best thing…which is to take care of dogs that belong to family and friends. We are familiar holiday resorts for Bo, Whidbey, Tobey, Max, Libby and now… to Ike and Coen. I like this. We get to “rent” different dogs so we have our dog fix but in doing so, we are also helping our family and friends. Plus, it has to drive our neighbors crazy… seriously… everytime we pass by their windows, they have no idea what is going on. One week its a yellow lab who lumbers along, the next week, its the tallest horse-dog combo, then we have a couple of dogs that look like stuffed animals (or Ewoks as my friend Chad put it)… well.. I guess, its actually more fun to imagine what is going through people’s heads.

So anyway… the Ewoks are with us this week. They add a new dimension to our dog-sitting program…they aren’t house-broken… at least not completely, and they like to burrow. So while our backyard has a couple of HUGE holes in it, the silver lining to that problem is that we may have found a cheaper way to get to India. 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend including an earlier picture of Bo…and a couple of pictures of Whidbey, the dog-horse… he’s really just a dog…but you know what I mean.


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