Getting ready

How is this for a before and after shot? I had not gotten my hair cut in 3 months. This was not some weird experiment but rather a smart move on my part. I usually get my hair cut every 6 weeks or so. The last time I got it cut, it was the middle of March after my time in the Philippines and India. Instead of getting it cut in the beginning of May, I decided to wait it out till June. My reasoning being that, if I did get it cut in May, I’d have to get it cut before my India trip. Plus, I was curious to see what my hair would look like… so here it is…

Anyway, I have a few minutes before our day long meetings, so I decided to write a few lines in what will probably be our last entry from the US for a while.   Katy and I leave for India on Thursday afternoon.   We will be flying through Europe and will be flying into the new Bangalore International Airport.

We will have lots more to report when we land.  We kick start our trip with a wedding.  My brother James is getting married on June 20, so we expect lots of running around, lots of people (we expect over a 1000 people at the wedding), and lots of chaos…   so you can expect lots of photos!:) We will be doing a lot of traveling all over India…   should be fun!

Please do keep checking back with us.  We will try to keep you posted on all that we will be doing.   Look forward to posting from Bangalore.   Do keep us in your prayers.

P.S.  I am almost done with a new favorite book of mine… Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry.  Great read if you are looking for a summer read.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. Yeah, I kind of liked the long hair too.

    Katy, I met a friend of yours at a church called “Manna” this past Sunday. Her name is Barbara. I think she worked with you at Hope College? She was very nice (and pretty). Rachel, Mike, Larry and I enjoyed the service very much.

    We’ll be praying for your safe travels and a wonderful wedding celebration!
    Sue Sal

  2. I am definitely getting some mixed reviews.. but I do like it short because it helps with travel PLUS.. it will grow back..:) And Sue.. Katy and I both know Barb quite well. Im glad you got to meet her. Thank you for your prayers. We’ll keep you posted as best we can! We’ll miss you all…

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