All is well in Bangalore

Good news!  We arrived safely in Bangalore around 12:30am this morning, just 30 minutes behind schedule.  We flew into the new Bengaluru (Bangalore) International Airport, which is quite a bit further from JP’s home for those of you who’ve made the trip before.  It was right around 3:30am that we found ourselves home and falling into bed.  It was a short night, but we don’t generally arrive at a time that allows for any sleeping before the day begins, so we were thankful.

The trip was relatively uneventful, all things considered.  The itinerary was Grand Rapids to Cincinnati to Paris to Bangalore.  Our Cincinnati flight was late in leaving the ground, which concerned us because we only had an hour in Paris to make our connecting flight.  Air France took good care of us, though, and had an airline rep waiting for the Bangalore folks right off the plane.  We got to take a special vehicle through the road system of the Paris airport (practically right out there on the tarmac!!), and go immediately to security check.  We still did a bit of running in order to be the very last two passengers to board the plane in Paris.  Whew!  And, wouldn’t you know, we were in the very last two back seats of the plane!!  We liked our seats, however, and had a very enjoyable flight to Bangalore.  Kudos to Air France!!

Our luggage did not arrive with us due to our quick turn over, and they filled out some pretty intricate paperwork at the Bangalore airport to locate and identify our luggage when it comes in tonight.  We should have our luggage in hand by mid-afternoon tomorrow.  Just goes to show why you should pack some clothes and toiletries in your cabin baggage.  Just goes to show, we’re not very savvy world travelers.  Even after showering this morning, we’re still wearing the same clothes, and trust me– my hair is hugely frizzy!

However, we really can’t complain.  We’re safe.  We’re with our India family now.  And, the bridegroom has just arrived home as well!  These will be busy and exciting days!!

Oh, and I can’t help but share this very interesting moment.  JP and I had just settled into the immigration line this morning, when JP said, “Hey Kate, is that a Hope sweatshirt?!”  And indeed, it was!  We happened to be standing in line next to a girl from Liverpool, England (who had been on our flight from Paris it seems) who had been at Hope College the previous May for a student teaching opportunity.  Come to think of it, I think that was the first time I’ve seen a Hope sweatshirt in Bangalore.

I love this little world that we live in!!

Keep checking in.  We’ll do our best to keep you updated.  Here’s a little snap of us ready to leave Grand Rapids.  Aren’t we cute?


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