Manic Saturdays

Yesterday was a long day considering we began our day at 12:50 AM or so. We got home around 3 AM and after the customary meet and greet, Katy and I crashed and crashed hard. I don’t like to sleep in too much if I can avoid it and so we were both ready by 9 AM.

After breakfast, all our friends and relatives began to pour into our home in Bangalore. Our energy levels began to sky-rocket helped mainly by conversations going on in every corner of the house. Varied conversations from the usual “how are you?”‘ to conversations about our baby, about James’ wedding, the rehearsal, food, etc. etc. Katy and the girls went clothes shopping in the late morning. This was essential because Katy and I had nothing else to wear except what we wore on the plane ride. After a great lunch, there was a small bridal shower for James’ bride-to-be Anita at the church, so all the ladies left for that in the afternoon.

James and I then had a few more wedding invitations to distribute but in India, if you can hand-deliver wedding invitations, that is really the preferred way of inviting people. We took our trusty motorcycle, the stack of wedding invitations and launched into Bangalore. The city is constantly evolving. We had to remember homes of people that we had not seen in years. While we did not hit them all, we did manage a 95% success rate, which is high considering all the variables. I also got to meet my friend Joshua who I hadn’t seen in 12 years. Interestingly enough, the last time I saw Joshua was the night I boarded my first ever flight to come to the United States (back in 1996). We also got to meet some of our Sunday school teachers, friends, and family friends… lots of nostalgic moments. This was really good but it does wear you out.

Needless to say, we had another great night of sleep. I woke up to some good news today. Air France called. Our luggage has finally made it and the cab that will deliver it to our home is here! That is a huge relief! šŸ™‚


One thought on “Manic Saturdays

  1. JP and Katy,
    So glad to hear you arrived safely, that you are enjoying all of the festivities, and that your luggage has now arrived! Thanks for sharing what’s going on in Bangalore! Love, Betsy

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