The Changing Landscape

Well… the craziness has been racheted a couple of notches with the arrival of my grandparents. My dad and I took our vehicle to the railway station at 5:45 AM to pick them up. They brought with them 2 cooks from the village along with another boy who will help with some of the prep work and the cleanup afterward. The vessels are beginning to fill up the entry way to our home. Tomorrow morning, the uncles, aunts and cousins will begin to make their entrance and life will continue to get busier. We will be setting up tents in our little outdoor area to feed everybody who will be here.

About half the garlic in the kitchen!

We are also expecting 2 students from Northwestern College in Iowa. They will be spending close to 7 weeks working with the staff here in India but they really wanted to be included in the wedding festivities, so I have included them in our ushering staff. One of the funnier moments happened when I was prepping the ushers last night during our wedding rehearsal. After going through protocols for parking, receiving lines, food, etc. etc., one of the ushers asked me…”Umm.. Jp… how many people are you guys expecting?” I wasn’t sure if he was nervous, so I told him gently, “Around a 1000.” His response was… “Oh good! 1000 is easily manageable!” You gotta love that attitude!

I also just got back from a last second meeting with my friends from England and the Isle of Man. It is always a treat to re-connect with people in Bangalore. This was a group that was volunteering in India in 2003-04, about the time when I returned to India after my studies. We split up after that year and today, we got to meet up and catch up on good times. They all got to meet Katy as well. Great treat!

On a side note… while I am adjusting nicely to the cultural change, the one part that has not quite come back to me is becoming quite obvious. I don’t like to use the horn on either the motorcycle or the car… this concerns most of my Indian friends. Hopefully, I’ll get that in my repertoire soon enough.


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