Filling in the cracks!

The three men from an organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan left today. I was thinking that with all the crazy-ness of our summer that we never really explained the business end of things. What were JP and Katy doing in India in the first place? Who are all these people that we take around? What are they here in India for? What’s the deal with monkeys? etc. etc.

Well… I will save the details for my personal newsletter. If you would like to be a part of that mailing, please send me an email or leave me a comment and I will be happy to include you on our mailing list. I’ll try to capture for you a nutshell of what our summer has been about.

We were here initially for the wedding of James (my younger brother). However, as most of our trips go, we don’t usually just come to India alone. This summer was by far the busiest for us. There were primarily three teams that we took under our wings. The first team was a team of college students, two boys, who are here in India on a specialized technical mission project. They were involved in an “on-site” recording of the New Testament. This has never been done before and it has been quite exciting to formulate and carry out.

The second team is a large college team as well. They are here in India on a Summer Study Abroad program. This fulfills part of their cross cultural college requirements and they do receive credits for it. That has also been a fun team to work with. We have been their “cultural interpreters.” Somebody gave us that moniker and I particularly love that. They have book-ended their trip in Bangalore and Katy and I love to be the hosts for people who arrive fresh in India. We do a lot of cultural activities, the primary goal being to avoid touristy “things” and to get into areas where Indians like to go.

The last team that arrived was a team of three guys from Michigan. They are part of an organization that is seeking to work with us in India. This gave us the chance to travel some more so they can see and find ways that might help both organizations in the long run. It was a short three days with them but we packed it as full as we could! Not a difficult thing in India.

As far as monkeys go…  we just enjoy them, and in your heart, you know you do too!

So… this weekend, Katy and I travel again to Vellore to meet up once again with the study-abroad team to do some debriefing and take introduce them to a dear friend of ours. Should be a fun visit. I am looking forward to seeing how they have done this week.

I hope this entry fills in some of the cracks. I have had to be vague about some items but our newsletters should have more of the actual details, so you can look forward to that sometime late this summer.


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