We finish our trip with a photo of our feet (much like we began), this time in the Paris airport

Katy and I had probably the most laid back trip heading back to the US. The flights were on time (mostly), the customs and immigration took us probably 5 minutes total (no joke!), and the ride back to Holland was pretty uneventful. Our luggage made it with us just fine and everything that we packed was still in their place when we landed. Our friend Betsy surprised us at the airport. It is always good to see a familiar face after flying for 24 hours.

After reaching home, we mostly just closed the blinds and went to bed as quickly as we could. We spent most of yesterday unpacking and doing laundry. While the suitcases are put away, we have piles of other things that need to be put in their own place. We also had a doctor’s appointment for Katy yesterday. Everything went well even if the baby happened to be on the “smaller” side of things. This is definitely not something to be concerned about and we’ll continue to keep monitoring things.

Life here seems quieter and less chaotic… this is always the shock for me. I find that interesting, it is as though my body is programmed for loud noises, chaotic traffic and strange animals.

We hope to lay low today and the weekend. We do have the funeral for our dear friend Dave today. I am not looking forward to saying goodbye.


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