Life in these States

It is interesting to be back here in the US. It always surprises me how easy the transition is going from the US to India and vice-versa. Every time, without fail, a day or two before we begin our trip to India, I tell Katy, “Can you believe that in 2 days we will be in India?” And she and I would incredulously say, “THAT’S CRAZY!” And the same goes before we leave back to the US.

We got back and as is usually our custom, I did not drive that first day due to my proclivity to honk every three seconds. The always fascinating part of our switch happens when we sleep actually. The dreams we both have is a fascinating fusion of the two worlds we straddle. For Katy, it is people from different worlds walking the same street, either in Holland, Michigan or in Bangalore, India. For me, it gets a little more confusing because different languages start to work their way in. This is a good window for me to see which world I am in. When we were in Hampi (N. Karnataka) for example, people spoke to me in Hindi even though I was able to communicate in Kannada. So my dreams there were basically in three languages, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. When I came back to Bangalore, the languages switched to Tamil and English (and occasionally some Hindi). So… in the week or so I have been back, my brain is still swishing around different languages but english is finally becoming the language of choice, suggesting to me that my brain has caught up with my body. However, every now and then, I know different words will sneak their way in… that is always fun, plus when I wake up, I usually tell Katy something in Tamil!:)

Our summer has been full, so this week has been good to get our feet under us. I am embedding a youtube link to a video that was shot at the beginning of our trip. This drummer is pretty amazing. We had this classical clarinet band from S. Tamil Nadu perform for James’ wedding. I remember watching this art form when I was a kid and being totally fascinated by it. It is hard to explain what it is except you need to realize that the drum is being beaten with a ribbon (kinda). Enjoy!


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