It is almost the end of August.  This summer has been quite pleasant in Michigan.  The mornings offer a fall-like crispness that makes way for the summer heat.   These past three weeks have provided a good cushion for Katy and me to slowly begin the “nesting” process.   Our home is now slowly being transformed from a nice home to a little haven for a tiny baby!   This is such a surreal experience.   Last night, I worked on fixing the carpet in the room that will be the nursery.  The people who owned our home before us had done a pretty poor job of laying the carpet.  As a result, we had carpet that was too big for the floor, and there were nasty folds down the center of the room.    Katy and I did not deal with it until this week because I was mostly nervous about ripping the carpet to discover a much worse problem underneath.  Those fears had to finally be dealt with this week.  I had a friend come over to help me look at the carpet and offer some suggestions on what could be done.  Good news– nothing scary underneath–but  I had to rent a “knee-kicker” from an equipment store to help stretch the carpet after I had cut it to the desired length.  Last night, I am happy to say, I finished that job!   The carpet looks great.   We moved the last pieces of furniture out, and in its place have a nice crib setup.  Like I said earlier, quite surreal.

There are still quite a few things that we need to do, items we need to purchase, and lots of little things to do to welcome the little one in, but I am excited.   I am now itching to work on other projects…  this is usually how it goes.

Katy’s sister Amy got married on the 8th of August.  We will be posting pictures from the wedding and reception soon.    We hope that you are all well wherever you happen to be today!


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