Stations of life

There are many things in our lives these days that remind us of what is to come.   Katy and I have been working on setting up our nursery and as our “crafts” room evolved into a nursery, we began to feel the reality chills of what is to come.

Last saturday, we had a baby shower at our home.   Katy’s best friends Betsy and Lori threw this shower for us.   I honestly had no idea what to expect.  This was definitely not something that I had even seen let alone participated in.  I watched the show unfold with eager anticipation.   Katy’s brother Ben and his wife Heather came on friday afternoon with their lovely baby Eleanor who is such a little cutie.  Katy’s parents and grandmother came late on Friday night.  In fact, they came so late that we did not get to see them until we woke up the next morning!:)

Saturday morning was a little hectic.  I had to still clean the house (portions) of it and make sure the table was set for Lori and Betsy to take over and take over they did!  They arrived around 11:30ish and transformed our home from JP and Katy’s home to a home that could welcome a baby girl in!   There were pink balloons everywhere, the dining table was decorated with cupcakes and candy and even a diaper cake (No..the diapers were not dirty… and nobody ate that).  It was literally a cake made out of daipers.

It was also a treat to see all the women there.  We had women we love who came from various walks they took with us on our journey through life!   Katy’s dad, Ben and I decided to skip out after welcoming the ladies and had our own guys time out.   We came back to a home filled with cute little presents.  Lots of little dresses, bath toys, toys, and other things that I will have to become familiar with in a hurry!   We are grateful for the wonderful people we have in our lives.  Here is a random sampling of photos from Saturday!




Some kind of stuffed mushroom?

The fruit and cheese platter

Fruit and cheese platter










The cupcakes were delightfully arranged on this stand that Betsy got specifically for this party!  

Katy loved sampling the various things we had on display…as did I.








The gifts for our guests

The gifts for the guests

The famous diaper cake









The Men!

The Men

Another view

A view of the guests







Jodi and Becky with Katy

Jody and Becky

The safari mobile

The safari mobile

A specially knit blanket

A specially knit blanket


Katy, mom and grammie

Katy, Mom and Grammie

















Some of the loot

The proud grampa

The show stealer with Bo

The show stealer with Bo


2 thoughts on “Stations of life

  1. That was a real treat! And those cupcakes look delicious!! Did you know that cupcakes have the most cake to icing ratio? Yummmm

    But our favourite was the diaper cake!

    We are so excited guys! Can’t wait for the little one to arrive!


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