The wait

So here we are.  Our little girl is technically due tomorrow but who knows when exactly she’ll make her long awaited debut in life.   These past few weeks have been great for Katy and me.  When we crossed the 37 week mark, we breathed a little easier but were still looking forward to have the baby grow some more.  37 weeks slowly turned into 40 weeks.   And here we are.  

We have had a great time getting things ready and set up in the house.  The car seat has been installed and inspected.  The nursery looks whimsical, the bed is made, the bottles and clothes are all washed and put in their respective places.  The house has been cleaned, even the lawn has been mowed.   We now wait.   We are excited to welcome her in and are very curious to see what she will look like.  Will she look like me?  will she look like Katy?  Will her hair be black? brown?   We know it won’t be blonde!:)   Will she be lighter skinned or darker skinned?   What about her eyes?    So many questions…  the answers will come very soon.

We will keep you posted!  So keep checking in…  there is a lot of excitement in our household/s.   We cannot wait to show you our child!:)


5 thoughts on “The wait

  1. We can’t wait!!! It looks like she is very comfortable in the place that has become home for her for 9 months!

  2. Waiting, waiting, waiting too! Can’t believe the day is already here! Love to you both, I mean, love to all three of you! 😉

  3. I’m thinking about you three all day today. We did the waiting thing (overdue) for all three of our kids, it is really hard on a Mom and Dad because you really do want to see her and hold her. But there were great joys when they were in the womb too…no changing or feeding…quiet and peaceful nights…feeling the movement and the awe and wonder at God’s great, miraculous work. We pray that you will trust Him when the labor does start, that you can relax and enjoy her entrance, that your doctor and nurses will all do a wonderful job keeping you comfortable and informed of the progress…
    We praise Him for this moment in your lives.

  4. What – no pictures of the full baby belly????
    You are all constantly in our prayers 🙂
    Can’t wait to be there to do the “Grammie and Grampie thing”!

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