Ask and ye shall receive!

Well… the baby is still snug and comfortable where she is, but I hope that we’ll have her in our arms soon enough.  Until that time, we have the joys of preparing to receive her.   And as her future grandparents requested, here are some more recent pregnancy pictures.  Enjoy this as this season of life draws to a close!


5 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive!

  1. Nice to see the parents relaxed!

    (Unlike some friends who are biting their nails with expectation and eager anticipation!)


  2. Nice pictures, can’t wait to see the baby!

    Are you going to blog about it right away? If so I’m gonna set it up so I get a text on my mobile when you publish a new post, then you won’t have to call me, hehe.

  3. Deepa, I wouldnt say the parents are very relaxed! I dont have any more fingernails left. And Dan, only you would think of something tech-ey like that! I love it. Well, we will blog about it as soon as we can but I suspect we’ll need some time to introduce ourselves to the baby before I begin typing away!:) So dont you worry, you can read it here but you should also expect a call!

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