Our little Leila had a doctor’s visit this last Wednesday.  She is a tiny baby but has already regained her birth weight.  This was quite encouraging to us because as long as a baby eats well and (ahem) poops well, she’s doing great!  We have put together a little slideshow of her first week in this beautiful world.   We’ll do our best to keep you posted on how this precious little thing grows.

This slideshow is set to the song “Redeemer” by Nicole C. Mullen.  This song was part of our play list that we listened to just prior to her being born.  The words, therefore, carry a lot of significance to us and as you listen to it, I think you’ll agree.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. She is so beautiful! She had no choice but to be beautiful with her beautiful parents. Congratulations. Hope all is continuing to go well. Thanks for the great video! Modern technology is wonderful isn’t it! Love & hugs to you all. Aunt Lyn & Uncle Ron

  2. anna, i love how deeply happy you look. no mischievous smiles with leila, only deep joy. i love it.
    and akka, you are courageous and brave, and beautiful even in a hospital gown!

    i cannot wait to meet this lamb- seriously. i’m a little pouty because everyone and their mom has already met her, and i can only see her pretty little face from afar… 😦

    love you all- give my love to the wee one!

  3. Jp and Katie it looks like Liela is brighting everyone day. I have picts on my wall in my dorm. Visiting is deffinantly on my list for when I come the weekend of noveember 14. I’m praying for you guys

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