Post partum

It is a beautiful monday here in Holland.   The sun is out, the weather is pleasantly warm, and we are trying to take advantage of these few days before winter envelopes us all.   Katy and I are doing relatively well.  Leila is a little over 2 weeks old and will have her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  We are looking forward to seeing how much she has grown in these 2 weeks.

Katy and I speak to a class at Western Seminary this afternoon.  We are going to be speaking to a team that I will be leading to India this coming January.   It is quick trip that we put together to help the seminary out.  Should be fun, except I really wish Katy and Leila could come along …  oh well!   We are bringing Leila with us to class though.  This will be the first time we take her out to an “event.”  We have ventured out on walks a couple of times but this should be a good indicator on how she handles going outside her comfortable confines.   She has been a good baby and as our sister-in-law put it, she’s a “chill” baby!

We are also able to sleep relatively better than we did last week, except for some inexplicable reason, I managed to twist my neck overnight.   Hopefully it isn’t as bad as it feels.


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