Back to basics

We are constantly amazed at how God can create something as tiny as a baby and can bestow upon her a personality all her own.  Leila has begun to smile and coo now.   As you can imagine, this only makes her cuter in our eyes.

I have been back at work now.   I am trying to get back into a schedule which is hard to do with a new baby (ask Katy).   I even managed to sneak in a 3 day trip a couple of weeks ago.  That was something that I needed to do but I think it was also a precursor to the 10 day trip I will be taking to India in January.   This short trip was not unusual by any means but it definitely was hard to leave Katy and Leila behind.   Also, I had this irresitible urge to show photos of her to complete strangers… but I retrained myself because of how weird that might be!

It is beginning to snow here in Michigan and I think it will definitely stay and make repeat appearances for my parents who arrive in a little over a week!   I cannot wait for them to meet their grand-daughter.   Lots of gifts to be unwrapped this season.


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