Giving Thanks

Leila celebrated her first holiday– American Thanksgiving– and was, of course, the star of the show.  We traveled up north to spend the time with my parents, and also got to visit my Grammie (Leila’s Great Grandmother!) for the first time with the baby.  It was precious to see Grammie show Leila off to the folks at her retirement home.  We got a great generational photo…

Great Grammie- Mom- Ava (Grandmother)-Daughter !!!

Great Grammie- Mom- Ava (Grandmother)-Daughter !!!

I think it is a real treasure to be able to have so many generations together at one time.  I’m looking forward to capturing a similar moment in India with JP’s three grandparents.

Staring at Ava

Chatting with Ava

Reading with Tata

Reading with Tata

Leila is beginning to smile and coo quite a bit these days, which makes her seem downright conversational, and 100% adorable.  She wins over everyone she meets.  (Not that I expected much less, as she is her father’s daughter through and through.)

Now, for the other important reason that I needed to post about Thanksgiving, and that is on the topic of THE RELISH TRAY.  Do any of you have a relish tray on your Thanksgiving table?  The Wing family always has a relish tray, and it has long been the responsibility of my sister, Amy, and I to prepare the relish tray before the meal.  This job involves a full scale raid on the fridge, seeking out every last variety of olive, pickle, and pepper– and in my parent’s refreigerator it is a veritable relish haven, sometimes numbering in the dozens– and cramming them as artfully as possible onto the Relish Tray.

Now this year, Amy was not at the Wing’s for Thanksgiving, and I had a baby along with, and babies change lots of things.  So, this year Amy made her relish tray in Seattle, and toted it to the Morgan family Thanksgiving feast, and I found myself doing something else (green bean casserole, I think) at relish tray  time.  This year in Glen Lake Dad made the relish tray, and it was beautiful to behold.

I’d like to dedicate this blog to Amy, and say “Relish On!!”

Relish Tray Beauty

Relish Tray Beauty


2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. The generational photo is AWESOME! Perfectly color coordinated as is your style and what a portrait of beautiful women!
    Steve did a fine job with the Relish Tray. Amy should send a photo of the one she took to the Morgans. I wonder if she was outdone by her father??? Leila appears to have quite the personality already. Hmmm… wonder where she gets that from???
    I really enjoy your blog and keeping up with the lives of the Sundararajans. God bless you.
    Love & hugs,
    Aunt Lyn

  2. liela is so cure and adorable, can’t wait to hold her and see her smile. seeing her buetifull face just makes me so happy.

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