Four Years

JP and I celebrated four years of marriage on Thursday!

Wow!  YAY!

(marital bliss)

(marital bliss)

This year JP decided that we should get a Garmin (with the Thank You points from our credit card– THANK YOU very much, indeed– and a little kick-in from our bank account) for our Anniversary.  I was a bit skeptical.  I was concerned that it would just be a price-y piece of technology that would do many of the things that we could already do using our other price-y pieces of technology.  I thought this had more to do with JP’s addiction to gadgets than a real “need.”  However, it just took one trip to Grand Rapids for an Anniversary date to convince me that this little gadget was not only something we needed, but something we should have never tried to get along without.   It was a great gift to our marriage!

We don’t fight about directions all that much, but we do, shall I say, stress about directions often.  I’m not sure why, but JP likes to second guess the directions that I give him.  This has always frustrated me because, of course, I am right about the directions I’m giving at least 99.9% of the time.  (!!)  However, JP’s second guessing me isn’t nearly as bad as the consequences.  You see, when JP realizes that I’ve made an accurate assessment of where we need to be turning or going and he didn’t listen, he generally panics and makes haphazard judgments.  Last summer, for example, he took the next “exit,” which turned out to be another highway, and then there were no exits for MANY miles, and then we had to navigate back to the original highway after getting on the wrong highway.  Ugh.  40 minute detour.  As I said, it can be very stressful.  So, with the Garmin, when JP failed to listen carefully to the directions given by the Garmin and missed a turn, the Garmin realized this right away and gave us immediate access to recalculated directions.  We found our way between babysitter and restaurant without a hitch, really.  Praise God because I think we would have arrived at the restaurant in tears otherwise.  (We get turned around in cities– even small ones like GR.)  Plus, and this was very cool, the Garmin knew that there was an accident holding up traffic on the way there, and gave us different directions as soon as it knew about the accident.  This little gadget is going to be incredibly helpful.

helped us focus on being safe in the snow rather than worry about directions!!

helped us focus on being safe in the snow rather than worry about directions!!

dedication #1… This blog is dedicated to Betsy who gave us gift certificates to the restaurant of choice for our Anniversary date, Cygnus 27, in the Amway Grand.  It was a fantastic meal!  JP had the Lamb Tagine, and I had the Beef Nasi Goreng.  We highly recommend both meals.  They took very good care of us, and because I had mentioned when making the reservation that we were coming in for our anniversary, they gave us the cutest little complimentary dessert…

tiny fondue

tiny fondue

I also should mention that the hotel looked very pretty, dressed up for the holidays.  We took advantage of the moment and posed for some pics.


dedication #2… We also dedicate this blog to Lori, who willingly agreed to be our first official babysitter.  My dad had watched Leila for a short while over Thanksgiving while JP and I went out for coffee, but this was the true test, a whole dinner out!  Everything seems to have gone well, thankfully.  Leila told me that she enjoyed her stay at Lori Auntie’s house, and I think that Leila didn’t wear out her welcome there quite yet.  We sighed a big sigh of relief to have the “first babysitter” experience over and done with.

Thank you to both Betsy and Lori for helping us has a superb anniversary!!

And finally, for those who only check the blog for cute baby pictures…

Leila is Bear-y Cute

Leila is Bear-y Cute


3 thoughts on “Four Years

  1. ok Jp due me a favor and convince my dad that he need to buy a garmin and that they are not too expensive.
    lets just say getting of the wrong toll road in Chicago 3 times in a row is a big pain especially in rush hour traffic. My family could sure use one whats taking him so long to make the big purchase.
    and leila is soooooooo cute and adorable once again.
    glad you guys had a great anniversary.

  2. ha. guilty as charged- i check the blog for photos of your gorgeous little girl. 🙂

    but now that i’m here, happy anniversary dear ones!

    i can’t wait for her to meet her future husband- he’s super handsome! i scouted him out on saturday. i think you’ll both be quite satisfied.

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