And so it begins…

I still cannot believe sometimes how crazy our lives have been.    Take 2009 for example.  The year had barely dawned when I took a team of 10 and headed to India.   It was for Western Theological Seminary’s Inter-cultural Immersion.   It was pretty sweet to engage this crowd in deep discussion using India as the lens.    I was in India for 10 days exactly and then headed back to my women and the 70 degree temperature drop!   Here is a link to a slide show I made of the trip.

Last week, I finally finished my laundry from the trip and I put the suitcases away.   And strange as it might sound, our travels are actually going to get crazier now.   Katy, Leila and I will be taking a long trip out to Iowa and South Dakota tomorrow.   We have not done a trip of this magnitude with the little one.   So, today, we pack again.   Fortunately, we have wonderful people along the way who will provide wonderful respite for us.   Even so, keep us in your prayers.

We hope to get back to Michigan sometime next Tuesday.   We have a week or so to again get our laundry done and get us adjusted back to Michigan.  Then we are off to the west coast.  We are going to take Leila on her first plane ride out to Seattle.   That should be interesting.  We get to spend some time with Amy (Katy’s sister) and her husband Kyle.  We also get to visit some other friends of ours.   This will be good on many levels but mostly, it should be a good dry run for us as we prepare for the whopper of a trip coming up in March when all of us head to India for a couple of months.   It will be interesting to see how Leila handles cabin pressure, how she handles jet lag, and most of all… how we handle all of it with her.    🙂

So there you go…  a typical three month stretch for the Sundararajans.  Like I said before, I still cannot believe how crazy our life can get.


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