Leila Licks Things





Leila spends lots of time licking these days.

Also, I forgot to tell you about how we got stuck in Gary, Indiana on the way home from Iowa and South Dakota.  The visiblity was poor, the weather was getting worse, and Leila began screaming in the back seat.  We opted to get a hotel for the night, and Leila enjoyed playing princess with all the pillows on the bed…

Princess Leila

Princess Leila


3 thoughts on “Leila Licks Things

  1. CUTE!! hey, i got your cookies! YUMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I had to hide them coz my brother kept eating them so fast. lol. I wanna slowly enjoy it! YUM YUM! THANKS!! Oh and my Filipino helper wants the recipe so she can try making it. hehe.

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