I love donuts!

Toward the end of my high school days, my brother James and I discovered the wonderful world of donuts.  Donuts took a while to make their mark in India but we were hooked from our first bite.  We ate donuts whenever we could.  I remember, even during my boarding school days in Chennai, taking road trips to check out different donut places.  I found one on my way to tutorials I had to attend for my State exams.   It was perfect.  I could have a chocolate donut for about 15 rupees and it was right behind my bus stop.

The USA did nothing to quell my desire for donuts.  In fact, my desire for these wonderful things increased exponentially.  Even today, whenever I can have a donut for breakfast, I leap at the opportunity.  And if I know my brother James (and I think I do)…  it is no different for him.  Poor James.  When he did come to the US, he bit into a pumpernickel bagel thinking it was a chocolate donut.  Now, I know bagels are great but if you bite into one thinking it is a donut, you are in for some disappointment.   Some of my favorite donuts in the US come from the special chain called Krispy Kreme.   I remember doing road trips during seminary with Katy and her sister Amy (some habits die hard).   I had my favorite donut joints in college too (Casey’s Bakery is one of my favorite stops).  That list keeps expanding…

Anyway…  Seattle has some wonderful donut places for me to sink my teeth into.   Besides the Krispy Kreme we enjoyed on day one, there is also Top Pot (which I hope to sample before I leave), and some sweet little places downtown by Pike’s Place.   I had the biggest donut of my life and the smallest one.  Needless to say, it was the best morning yet.


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