Contest #2: Travel and Packing

JP and I have both done our fair share of traveling, and the subsequent packing that accompanies all travel.  Nonetheless, we are always looking for new and helpful ways to simplify and better our travel and packing.  On our recent trips to Seattle and Iowa/South Dakota, we tested the waters of traveling with a baby.  Things went relatively smoothly with both trips, but I imagine we could have been even more well-prepared.  Would you like to help us out as we prepare for India (and a lifetime of travel…) by offering your best travel and packing tips (with OR without kids)?  You can win a prize…

** Leave your travel or packing tip(s) in the comment section.

** You may leave more than one tip, but please leave each one as an individual comment.

** Each tip is considered a valid contest entry, and you may enter as many times as you have good tips to offer.

** Deadline:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 2009 12:00pm- noon- EST

As for the PRIZE..

My sister-in-law has begun her own small business making small craft items.  I fell in love with the baby hats right away, and immediately deemed them the next contest prize.  If you offer the very best travel or packing tip (according to JP and me) you will receive one adorable “Rocketman Fleece Baby Hat,” for a baby sizes 3-9 months.  I have a picture of Leila wearing the hat here.  You’ll notice it is a little big on her, but that is because she is just entering into the 3-9 month size range.  CUTE hat!!!

YOUR PRIZE... Rocketman Fleece Baby Hat

YOUR PRIZE... Rocketman Fleece Baby Hat

Oh yeah, I'm so cool in this Rocketman Hat!!

Oh yeah, I'm so cool in this Rocketman Hat!!

I’d encourage you to check out Heather’s website to see the other goodies.  Tiny House Crafts on, check out her site for a direct link.

Here is the hat we picked out for Leila, which was perfectly sized (0-3 months) for her head.  We’ve gotten many compliments!

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

Click here!

i love my hat!

i love my hat!

PLEASE SEND US YOUR TRAVEL AND PACKING TIPS… You might win the cute Rocketman Fleece Hat for a baby you know and love!!


8 thoughts on “Contest #2: Travel and Packing

  1. I think you already know my favorite travel tip, but I’ll tell you again anyway. I like to keep my toiletries case totally ready to go with it’s own tooth care needs, shower items, hair things etc. That way, when you go to pack for a trip, all you have to do is throw in your toiletry bag and you know you’re all set. 🙂 (p.s. – if I win, I’ll be giving the hat to Leila!)

  2. Here is our entry 🙂

    Consider splitting clothing between two bags. If one gets lost, at least you’ll have some clothes( you’ve experienced that already)

  3. Give a photocopy of key documents to a trusted friend, also scan them and put them on web-based email account so you can access them quickly from an internet cafe if needed.

  4. Keep two sets of Child care things for 2 days, one in check in and one in hand baggage. Keep that separately on the top of other things. Try to avoid carrying the things that are available in India.

  5. Roll you clothing like a log or an empty paper towel roll, which in leila’s case would be an empty toilet paper roll, oh dear, well whatever you call it…. it takes up much less room and does not wrinkle as much. Of course you can fit more rolls in your suitcase than you can clothing, just don’t try to eat them.

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