Things that I love… Part 1

I (JP) love to make people laugh.  It was, therefore, imperative that Leila laugh, and laugh a lot.   Unfortunately, you don’t get to tell newborns or even infants what to do.  They have a mind of their own.   After trying to teach the basics of cricket and simple things like setting up a encrypted wifi network, I gave up.   God is good though.   Babies do grow and show you things that are new every day!   I want to share with you what I came home to today after a workout at the local gym.  I hope you have as much fun as we all did!

P.S.  The deadline for your entry into the contest (see previous entry) is coming up so do not wait too long!


7 thoughts on “Things that I love… Part 1

  1. That’s my granddaughter!! Ava said she made us laugh too. Now we know how we will entertain her when we babysit tomorrow afternoon. I may teach her my monkey face too.

  2. The best tip for storage in a suitcase I learned from you: roll your clothes.
    PS My filter at work won’t let me watch this undoubtedly hilarious video. I’ll need a real life demonstration tomorrow night!

  3. There is nothing like a good silly belly laugh! Too cute. Thanks for sharing your special moment with us. I’m so grateful for this new technology to keep in touch with our family and watch these beautiful babies grow up before our eyes. I do miss the touching and holding part though. Enjoy your time with Leila. It goes by so quickly.
    Love you all,
    Aunt Lyn

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