Travel Update

Hey Everybody!

Here is a short update on our trip so far.   We made it to NYC with a few hiccups along the way.  Leila still struggles to nap on air planes but she has been making a lot of friends along the way.   Our NYC stop was fun.  We got to meet with our dear friend Tom who hosted us and showed us everything we could possibly see in New York City.   It feels funny but being in NY actually makes us feel like we are no longer in the US.  We also got to meet my (JP’s) long time friend Saida for breakfast at the diner that is prominently featured on Seinfeld.   You all know how big a fan I am off the show!

Anyway, we are now at the gate waiting for the Paris connection.   Since I got upgraded to the Silver Elite status (which will also be upgraded after this trip), I have begun to enjoy the perks.  Our suitcases were specially tagged …  and people took care of the security check for us.   Plus, with Leila…   I feel like we are beginning to enjoy the warmer side of people’s hearts.   Lots of smiles, lots of people who want to come and talk to her… and she is mostly happy to oblige with a smile.

We did get the bassinet for the flight.   Please do continue to keep the rest of our trip in your prayers.   Long way to go yet and we REALLY hope our little one learns to sleep on the plane, and that the cabin pressure doesn’t ruin the trip for her.   We’ll hopefully continue to update you as and when we are able!


Here is what Katy wants me to add… she is dictating as she feeds the baby.

“I just want to thank the following people.  My parents, for chauffeuring us.  Teresa, for bringing our stroller to the highway to us when we forgot it.  Heather, who told us that we didn’t have to bring with us the car-seat receiver (one less item to carry).   Tom, who graciously hosted us in NYC.   The guy, at the Air France ticket counter, who was not only helpful but kind.   And finally, all those people who smiled at our baby and made us feel ok about traveling with her.”


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