Once upon a time we went to India

MIss Monkey Business

Miss Monkey Business

It is 5:10pm, and I’m drinking sweet, sweet coffee from a stainless steel tumbler.  It is 87 degrees.  Leila has bare legs and bare feet.

All is well.

Our flights came in exactly on time.  All of our luggage arrived- all six checked bags, and all 4 carry-ons.  Leila even managed to sleep nicely in her bassinet on and off throughout the international flights.  We LOVE Air France.  And generally speaking, people couldn’t have been nicer. Having crossed the oceans with a 5 month-old, we’re feeling triumphant and relieved.  We’re more than grateful that everything went as well as it did.  We’ll do it again, though not in a heart beat.  I think we’ll stay awhile.  Yes, maybe two months.

Perhaps the best part of being here so far was getting to meet the newest Sundararajan, James and Anita’s baby girl, Judith.  At 5.5 lbs she’s so tiny that holding her is like holding feathers.  Leila looks like a big chunk-er next to her, and Leila is a pretty average size for 5 months.  Judith has lots of hair, and big alert eyes.  She is darling.



5 thoughts on “Once upon a time we went to India

  1. such a serious little face on that girl! LOVE the bib, too (and the photo of the two of them together!). so jealous that you guys are in india! and i can’t believe i’ll meet judith before leila. oh, man.

    anyway, thanks for posting photos of this precious little one on here for those of us who haven’t had the chance to meet her yet! it gives me something to gush about to my friends and the people i work with. 🙂

  2. So glad to know you are all in India safe and sound. Wow, quite an adjustment with the weather! What a great picture of the little cousins together, although Judith appears more interested in Leila (or maybe it’s her toy) than Leila is in her…. LOL. Monkey business indeed. Now the fun begins! I’m looking forward to coming additions to your blog.
    Love & hugs to all of you!!!!

  3. I love your updates! I am so glad the flight went well. Keep the stories coming and of course the pictures. Say Hi to you parents and family.
    love Jody

  4. Hooray you made it to India (and hooray for all your luggage!). My thoughts and prayers are with you – enjoy the next few months! Love you! Betsy

  5. You guys finally made it! Glad everything went well. We love the picture of Judith looking so happy next to her cousin! 🙂

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