Here we go-go-go!

Good news!  Leila appears to be over her jet lag, which is a relief, and seems to be falling into a good eating/sleeping rhythm here.  Yesterday morning, however, she came down with a little cold.  While it hasn’t affected her mood too terribly, I could tell she was bothered by the runny nose.  Today it has moved on to stuffiness and a little cough.  I’m just hoping it all goes away before we head out of town by train next week!

Leila streching after a nap... yes, still likes to sleep with her swaddler

Leila streching after a nap... yes, still likes to sleep with her swaddler

After waiting several days for the technician to show up, we finally got the new washing machine up and running.  (In fact, I am washing a load of towels as I write!)  The washer works well, and has made me feel all at once helpful and slightly independent here.  Laundry has always been one of my preferred household tasks in America, and so it feels quite satisfying to be able to do our own laundry here as well.  One added bonus is that we hang the clothes out to dry on the clothesline here, which makes the clothes seem more fresh, and certainly makes our whites a bit brighter.  As I was hanging some of Leila’s white onesies (which were of course the ones with the residual “poop explosion” stains) I was thinking how helpful the sun would be in removing the rest of the stains, a handy tip I learned about “sunning” diapers to get stubborn stains out.  It made me think of how several American visitors have commented about how Indians manage to keep their whites so white, and for the first time I imagined that it was because they hang their clothes out in the every-day brilliant sun– something that was not possible when trying to sun Leila’s diapers in the Michigan mid-winter!

watching the washing

watching the washing

Ah, laundry... its good for the soul!

Ah, laundry... its good for the soul!

Our first group has arrived.  They are a family of four taking a mission trip together.  Dad, mom, one high school, and one junior high student.  Yesterday, of course, was the tough day since they came in around 2am.  It used to be our policy that no one got to got to sleep until bedtime of the night they arrive, though sometimes it was a very early bedtime, like 7pm.  Now we generally give the option, and many, like yesterday’s group, decide to take a nap in the afternoon.  That being the case, yesterday’s playlist was a compilation of eating, getting their bearings, and sleeping.  Today will be much more exciting since we’ll be headed to the shopping district, especially so the ladies can have some dresses (salwars) made, and then we have a program in the Girl’s Home (orphanage) later this afternoon.  No more lolly-gagging around!  It is go-go-go from here on out.  In fact, it is 9:45am here, and I can tell that JP just started the day off with motorcycle rides!


One thought on “Here we go-go-go!

  1. I loved the dryer when I came to America…but now that I read your post, I remember that drying clothes in the sun was a treat indeed! We love how Leila has her hands behind her head in the first photo!

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