Road tripping


Tonight, we are headed on our first train ride for the summer.  We are headed down to the southern most part of Tamil Nadu.  We hope to visit with family and friends along the way.  Our friends who are visiting from the States will head down with us too.   Rumor has it that it is sweltering down south, so we are packing light and hoping to find enough respite as we negotiate the heat.

Pray for Leila as she embarks on her first train ride!   This should be a fun trip but it will pose different challenges for all of us.  We hope to be back in Bangalore on Friday morning (ish).   We’ll update you on the trip when we get back!


4 thoughts on “Road tripping

  1. Dear JP, Katy, and Leila,
    Hope you had a great train ride and time down south. As I read about the “heat” and sunshine in India, we just avoided a HUGE snow storm forecasted for our area yesterday. Eventhough it was sunny, the wind was chilling and fierce. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s again by Easter–and by the time you return, it will be pleasantly nice!!

    Can’t believe Leila is sitting up now–thanks for sharing the darling pictures with us. The one on the scooter is a riot!!

    Have a blessed Easter, and keep the pictures and updates coming. We miss you all! Love, Lori…and Scott too 🙂

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