India Redux


Dissecting the culture

My dad and I dropped off the Sundstrom family at the airport in the wee hours of this morning.   It is always bitter-sweet to see a group go.  There is a certain intimacy that develops when people explore a new culture, especially one that is vastly different than the one you are used to.   The Sundstroms were no different.  We tried different foods, explored different modes of transport, fought the traffic in Bangalore, hiked up hills, laughed at monkeys, but most of all, we were family together.

So, this morning, after the goodbyes, as I shifted from second to third gear on my Chevy Tavera leaving the Bangalore International Airport, I suddenly felt like I was actually back in India.  What I mean is, I don’t have to play host for a while.  I get to live into India.  I get to eat off street vendors, venture out to new unexplored parts of the city on my motorcycle, but most of all, to grow deeper roots into this country that I love.  A county that my family loves.   I need this.   I need to feel rooted deeply.   I need to feel rooted deeply because that helps me be a better host for people who want to explore this rich country.

I am excited about this next chapter.  Katy, Leila and I will get to just BE in India.


Great grandma having a conversation with her girls


One thought on “India Redux

  1. Hey JP,
    Leila can’t “see” India when she’s facing your shirt and her hat looks like it’s over her eyes! lol!!!

    We really miss you guys, but happy that for a time you just get to “BE”…that’s so important too. Love you all! Lori and Scott 🙂

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