Four Generations

Four Generations

I’ve been meaning to share this photo with you for about a week now. One of the more precious experiences that we had on our last trip out of town was introducing Leila to her great grandparents on JP’s mom’s side.  I think it is pretty amazing that Leila has four great grandparents!  Many of you will remember the four generations photo that we shared at Thanksgiving time of Leila with her great grandmother from my mom’s side.  Then there is this great grandma, and a great grandpa who didn’t make it into the picture.  And finally, there is another great grandpa who we plan to see sometime in May, on JP’s dad’s side.  WOW!  That is more great grandparents than either JP or I had growing up!  It is more than fun to see the joyful twinkle in the eye that comes from Tatas and Avas around the world seeing their grand baby, and even more so now, to see that extended to great grandparents!  These are photos and memories to cherish!


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