JP’s Good Night/Day

Last night was arguably one of my favorite nights so far in Bangalore.   We did not have to go out to a fancy restaurant or an exotic locale here in India.   We actually stayed home.  My cricket team, the Bangalore Royal Challengers, were playing a team from Kolkata.   It is the shorter (3 hour game) and more entertaining form of cricket.   As I began to watch, my mom asked me if I’d like to eat dosas for dinner.  Now dosas are probably my most favorite food item here in India.  I cannot leave India without eating a dosa.  And while restaurants make AMAZING dosas for 15 rupees (a little more than 25 cents), nothing compares to my mom’s hot dosas.   She had an amazing chicken curry and yummy coconut chutney as accompaniments to these crispy rice crepes.   She just kept serving up dosas to Katy and me till we could have no more…  seriously… this is the life.   My night was complete right there but this was a special night because Bangalore won their game as well!   


A standard dosa (courtesy of the internet)

A standard dosa (courtesy of the internet)

In honor of their victory, I wore their jersey today.   I had to drop Katy off downtown so she could buy some things.  On my way there, I stopped by a gas station to fill some petrol in the scooter.  As the gas station attendant was filling the vehicle, a few of his friends joined him.  I wasn’t sure why they were all there so I took my helmet off to hear what they were talking about.  While the vehicle was almost done filling, the man asked me in halting Kannada where I got my jersey.  Then realizing that I also spoke Tamil, he switched and wanted to know ALL about it.  So here I was, in a busy gas station, with a WHITE girl, and nobody even looked twice at Katy.  All they wanted to know was about my jersey!   🙂  Now… I am not trying to gloat, but even Katy had to admit, somedays, even JP gets to be the star! 🙂   

I am not going to get used to it… but it was fun while it lasted.


The sweet jersey!

The sweet jersey!


One thought on “JP’s Good Night/Day

  1. That dosa looks YUMMY!!!!! Katy…you have to bring the recipe back from JP’s mom so that you can share it with us on the blog!

    Mmmmm… I HAVE to go find some dosa’s!!

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