The analyst and the color commentaries

So…  in the world of sports broadcasting, there are usually two people doing the play-by-play.  One is usually someone with a background in communication while the other tends to be a retired player or coach.   The job of the ex-coach or player (analyst) is to announce the plays being run and other intricacies of what one might see on screen.   The other commentator is there to provide the “color.”  His/Her job is to make sure people are still interested.  They ask meaningful questions, provide thoughtful insights, and help the analyst along in this new world.  So, I’ve figured this out.    I am the analyst in our life while Katy provides the color.   (Note: I know that this is not a hard and fast rule.  I am able to provide color on occasion and Katy can be quite observant.  I am just generalizing.)

So… here are my thoughts since we got back to the US.  We are quite aware that the blog has been quiet for over a month now.   As always, there is good reason for that!  We have hit the road running.   We have had to deal with sickness, jet-lag, family obligations, weddings, and speaking engagements.   Leila took a while to get into her stride.  She had a skin issue to deal with.  The dry-ness here in the US made her cheeks get chapped. She also was teething on our trip.   That combined with the cold Michigan weather slowed things up in terms of getting re-adjusted to life here.   Meanwhile, I was preparing for an ordination service where I lead worship (in Chicago) and for a wedding, the following week (in Iowa).   And as Murphy’s law would have it, when I was getting ready to perform the wedding, our basement in our home in Michigan got flooded.  Poor Katy was alone with Leila.  Fortunately, our dear friend Lori was there to help her out.  Together these two amazing women moved everything we had in our basement up to our main floor and out to the yard.

It took about three days to get the basement completely dry before we could begin to move things back in there.   We are finally getting to that point.  We did find a silver lining in all this though.  This flooding helped us purge the unnecessary junk we had been collecting all these years.  My workshop area is again lined up and raring to go.  Hopefully, I get some projects done there.

So there you go…  my analysis of the month or so since we got back!   I know that the color commentary will follow soon enough!;)   Thanks for checking in with us.   Photos will be coming soon too!


One thought on “The analyst and the color commentaries

  1. We are so happy to have you back in the States and safe at home from your trip! We look forward to seeing you all (and especially Leila) at First again.

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