The Chaos of Summer

This summer has been a whirlwind of sorts. Katy and I are currently looking into purchasing tickets for our next India trip. In some ways, it seems like we JUST got back to the US. Time does fly, especially when you have a precocious 10 month old dictating the pace. Added to that is, of course, our busy lives. We have had weddings to attend and be a part of. We have had numerous gatherings, almost all of which involving yummy food, with fun people. All of them were good for the heart (and stomach). Our home is beginning to resemble the home we have in India.

And oh yes! I have been learning how to swim. Tonight will be my third lesson. And if you ask the instructor, our dear friend Lori, she’ll attest that I have come a LONG way from the floundering brown bear I was the first week. Hopefully I’ll be able to swim and breathe at the same time tonight! In addition, Katy’s parents are in town, which has been an added blessing, especially for little Leila. While we all do keep busy with our lives, it is nice to be able to drop by and say hello when we want to! Lots of people… lots of love… our cups overflow!

This summer in Michigan has been cool (which is putting it mildly). Lots of rain, lots of cloud cover, and precious few sun rays. The Sundararajans, however, do not feel like we missed out on summer because we already experienced the Indian summer earlier this year. However, it is a little disappointing to not be able to walk down to the farmer’s market as often as we’d like, or maybe play with Leila in the neighborhood parks, or grill out as much as wanted to.

While this pseudo-summer has been flying by us, we find ourselves in the eye of the storm. In the next couple of weeks, life again gets busy with speaking engagements and travel. Stay tuned… this should be a fun ride!


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