Hello friends!

It has been a busy few weeks.   Our family had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving and as Christmas comes upon us, we find ourselves in the familiar realm of travel prep.  We negotiated a blizzard last week here in Holland… all the while, thinking about the tropical temperatures of balmy India.  We have to shop for flip flops and summer clothes for Leila while simultaneously thinking about snow pants and shoveling.  Crazy life we lead!

Leila has begun to get more adventurous in her walking.   Each day we discover her new skills and each day we discover potential dangers that our house and furniture pose!  We are also excited to see Leila slowly losing her “stranger-anxiety” which has plagued her for a while now.   We are quite happy to see her growing out of it.  She is back to giggling often and waving at people.   She also enjoys head-butting dad and offering kisses when she feels inclined.  This is a fun stage!

Katy and I sincerely hope that Leila will speak two languages at least.

We have (well…I have), when the moment has inspired me, tried speaking to Leila in Tamil, which is my heart language.   It has been quite a challenge to have a one-way conversation with a 13 month old.  It is a discipline that is hard to keep when you are the only one who speaks the language at home.   I must say that while I have succumbed to the English trap more often than I’d like to admit, I have had help come from some fun quarters.

Leila does not watch TV but the only exception we make is to watch a DVD of Tamil nursery rhymes that was given to her by her Indian Tata and Ava.  Thanks to the DVD, even Katy has picked up a couple of words!

The other tool that we have employed is the Tamil alphabet.   Last summer, we brought back from India a set of Tamil vowels and some consonants.   Leila LOVES these letters!

Here is hoping that as the little one grows, she grows with a love for languages!


2 thoughts on “Tamil

  1. Dear JP, I just talked to your father today. In case you don’t remember, I am the one who came to your marriage from Illinois. I just went through your blog (after your father told me) and realized you are now a dad and you’ve become thinner. Congratulations. Leila is sooooo cute.

    I am 50 lbs and 6 years older from the time I last saw you. All fine here. We have a 5-yr old daughter, Anandi. We are now at Starkville, MS. Keep in touch (662-796-1296; radha235@gmail.com). Convey my regards to your wife.


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