It is currently 73 F here in Bangalore.  The sun is out, there is a light breeze blowing.  I love Januarys in India, especially if you had to leave the Michigan winters far far behind.   Now, there are some of you that love the seasons, especially winter.  I, unfortunately, am not one of them.  I like places where you can wear short-sleeve shirts all year round!  I don’t need it to be sweltering but I definitely do not mind my seasons going “brisk…warm.. warmer… and warmest.”

We arrived in Bangalore on the 10th of January.  It is hard to believe that it has been almost 10 days since we got here.   Leila did wonderfully well on the plane ride over.  Our concern was whether she would be able to sleep on the plane.  Leila is an amazing sleeper but she cannot sleep if she is not lying prone.   The little one adapted well and learned to sleep in our arms.  Which was a huge blessing to us on our long flights.   She was cheerful for the most part and barring the occasional hiccup, did well.   It still made for a long flight though.

I (JP) had to speak at a church the morning we arrived.  That went much better than I thought it would. I was afraid that I would be too exhausted to make any sense.  The adrenaline was enough to just get me past the morning service!   The first couple of days were a bit of a wash because we had to unpack and repack for our trip to Chennai.  We did get to see and play with Leila’s darling little cousin Judith.

We left for Chennai on Wednesday on the Shatabdi Express aka “The Fatty Express” (aptly named for the amount of food they feed you on it).

Chennai was a big blur of activity.  Leila had responsibilities as the flower girl, I had to emcee the reception, while Katy had to help with the rehearsals.   The wedding was spectacular, everything went really well, and I even got to emcee in two languages!  🙂  Unfortunately for us, Leila caught a cold en route.

The past couple of days have been mostly days for us to recoup.  We are making ourselves at home here in Bangalore.  Katy has done, by my count, 100 million loads of laundry.  Leila has begun to feel better although we hope her appetite returns soon.   Here are a few photos from our time here so far!


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