The Flower Show

Since the very first time that I came to India, JP and his family have told me about the Flower Show at Lal Bagh.  Lal Bagh is a park that we usually visit several times during each of our visits.  The park’s plants and pathways are well-maintained, and it is relatively peaceful there, especially in the late afternoon.  Lal Bagh’s high point offers a nice cityscape view.  It also boasts of what we affectionately call “THE TREE,” which for many years we would climb and take photos while perched on the roots–until they fenced it off last year, which was really the only right decision considering the visible damage to the tree (from many climbers, not just us!).  Best of all, at Lal Bagh we can generally find a group of at least 20 monkeys!  I’ve always enjoyed our trips to Lal Bagh, and yesterday we were finally able to attend January’s annual Flower Show.

JP likes to say that Indians love their flowers, and that is why you see so many Indian guests at Tulip Time in Holland. I believed him a little more after yesterday’s trip to Lal Bagh.  Even on a school day, the place was swarmed, but it was a worthwhile wait in line to see the flowers and beautiful arrangements.

Take a look at what you missed…

Posing in front of the posies

The Qutub Minar made from flowers (tourist attraction in Delhi)

prettiness, up close

Amazing Orchids 1

Amazing Orchids 2

Elephants in the Flowers

While the Indian population certainly went to view the flowers, many of them enjoyed viewing us foreigners as well.  Leila is, like last year, a big, big hit.  Oh, how they love her!  Flock to her!  Reach to pinch her cheeks– and that is where I usually step in!  She really dislikes those pinches, and I really dislike comforting my child for the umpteenth time due to her shock/rage/fear/etc.  Thankfully, most interest directed Leila’s way at the Flower Show seemed to be of the less painful, photographic type.  (You’ll see below that much interest was directed toward JP yesterday as well- much to his enjoyment- due to his amazing parenting skills.)

Old Man patiently waiting to capture a smile...

Yup, he walked through the whole park that way! 🙂

Judith nestled all snug in her... backpack

In our strolling, we also managed to take in a decent amount of wildlife.  You just have to keep your eyes open…

Eyeing my juicebox

Do you see what I see?

Snack time in the sun

As we walked back to the car, there were all sorts of plant and seed vendors around, so I decided to treat myself to something I’ve always wanted… a Bonsai tree!  The cost is a bit more affordable here, and I really miss my plants when I’m in India.  Hopefully she’ll do well on our windowsill!

the newest addition to our apartment


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