The 5 o’clock hour has become one of my favorites in India.  The heat of the day begins to diminish, and the sun falls softer on the skin.  Folks are getting done with work, and the pace of the day changes.  Tea time comes around, and out come the stainless steel tumblers of sweet, spicy chai.  There might be biscuits (cookies,) or samosas, or some other tasty delight.  We often gather on the patio outside JP’s home where we’ll play with the dog, munch on a snack, and pause between the work-day and whatever the evening may bring.

Leila gets a pat on the head from Big Tata

Lounging with Dad

This is also the time of day when I (along with any sundry compilation of others) take Leila out for a stroller ride.  It is one of her favorite times of day as well.  She leans back, and soaks it all in.   You never know what you’ll see when you’re out for a walk here.  Most certainly, it is never the same, and it is never dull.

On one of our recent walks, we ventured down to the end of Osborne Road where there is a little old man who sells Tender Coconuts.  For 12 rupees, he’ll whack the top off of your coconut, and you can drink the coconut water inside.  Very refreshing.  (And you’ll notice how his sign also advertises the fact that it is good for your health!)  If you prefer, you can also get a coconut that is more mature, and it will have less water and more tender coconut “meat” inside, which you can scoop out with part of the shell.  I most enjoy the coconut water, myself.

This guy has been sitting here doing good business for 32 years!

Good for my Healthy!

On Tuesday we went on a day trip to nearby Mysore, and atop our visit to Chamundi Hill, we found more Tender Coconuts for sale.  They were also good for our health!

That superstar drinking from a coconut is JP.

Leila drank her fair share too!

Hopefully a few pictures of the sun and the dreamy tender coconuts will be a balm for those of you in the chilly parts of the world!!  While we are not missing the cold, we are missing YOU!


4 thoughts on “5pm

  1. We miss you too! I’m sitting at my desk with gloves on my hands. Every time I wash my hands they get cold from the frigid faucet here at ASM.
    Thanks for the warm lovely pics, love to you all.

  2. I’m thirsty just looking at those pictures of you drinking those delicious coconuts! JP, you do look like a rock star in that picture! And in the last one it looks like Leila isn’t wearing any pants — hilarious! Love you guys and MISS you!

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