An old friend…

A couple of months ago, on the social networking site Facebook, I got one of the sweetest messages I have ever received.  It was from a friend of mine that I had not heard from in over 16 years.  David and I were best friends at St. John’s here in Bangalore.  After my 10th grade exams, I left for Chennai where I finished the last two years of high school, and headed to the USA for my studies.

David and I lost touch immediately.  He left for his home state in north-east India while I stepped into a new chapter of my life.   Leila will one day scoff when I talk to her about the era before cell phones and facebook and yet that is where we were.   We tried writing letters to each other but neither of us got a reply.   Soon…David my friend was becoming a painting hung in the deep recesses of my head, a painting that with time slowly began to fade softly.

So…  hello 21st century!  David, after almost two years of earnest searching found me on facebook.  We immediately got caught up and then I realized that I was going to be in India soon… and providentially, I was also going to be traveling (a trip of about 8 days)to the remote NE corner of India…David’s hometown!  I have never set foot in this state before but we have a distribution planned there.   This was a place that we have been meaning to get to for many years.   For some strange reason, I forgot that David would still be there!  Furthermore, to go to this part of India, you need a whole series of permits and authorizations from the authorities.   This can be complicated, and yet, this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes you realize that God ordains your steps before you.

My friend David is now with the police force.   And wouldn’t you know it?  His primary responsibility is handling restricted area permits.  As a result, all of us have our permits stamped and ready.  David is going to meet us tomorrow at the airport with his men.  In fact, he just informed me, that all the authorities at the airport have been informed of our arrival and are eagerly awaiting us!

So, tonight, after some sleep, we will board a flight in the wee hours of the morning that will wing us to a part of India that is new to us all.  It will take us to the blue hills of Mizoram.   Sixteen years later, I am looking forward to connecting with my best friend.   I am looking forward to meeting his wife and kids.  I am looking forward to introducing him to Katy and Leila.   Isn’t life beautiful when God ordains your steps?!


5 thoughts on “An old friend…

  1. Hey JP,
    for months we have been praying about this distribution in the ASM prayer guide. Thank you for sharing this with me….Praise God for ordaining your steps and allowing me to see that my job has significant meaning in God’s Kingdom as well. I will be waiting, with expectation, to hear what God will do in this area and your lives.

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