Whoa… whoa… whoa…

March 3?  Seriously?  It is May 3 today.   To say that we have not been faithful in keeping the blog updated would be the under-statement of Spring 2010.   To rectify this, I have been sent to try and cover what happened in 2 months in a short and succinct blog.   I will try and be brief.

As our previous entry mentioned, we were on a long train trip to north India.   It was a wonderful trip that involved trains, DELICIOUS milk sweets that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, monkeys, more trains, taxi rides, jungles, precious people, dolphins swimming in the wild, freshwater pearls, and two very exhausted Sundararajans (no marks for guessing which ones I am talking about).

After our trip up north, we celebrated Judith’s first birthday, AND we also got to watch a cricket match live in Bangalore.   It was such a fun event, plus we even made it on TV!  🙂

Predictably, our last days in India involved all kinds of delicious food.  One of the highlights for us was a trip down to “food street.”   It was simply fabulous food.   We also got to go to the fair.  Leila LOVED the jewelery sold there.  In fact, she made friends with a bangle vendor and still wears the bangle she got from him.

I do love this picture… maybe my favorite one from the fair.

So, that’s the wrap up!  We are back in the US, and we begin to live our simple life again.   Love you all!


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