Life with the Sundararajans

:::Tongue in cheek::: I think it is high time for another update.

In all fairness 2010 has been a bit of a whirlwind for us. As you gathered by our previous posts that we spent the first quarter of the year in beautiful India. Our time there was fun, tough, exciting, joyful…and in general, just full. Katy and I were looking at the map of India and we discovered that, in our 3 months there,we traveled to every state on the Indian eastern border, all the way from Tamil Nadu to the border of Myanmmar! This is pretty insane when you think about it because most Indians cannot claim to have done it, but little Leila can!

Anyway, life continued to roll with vicious speed when we got back to the US. Our cup hath constantly run over. We hit the road running when we came back to the US. The primary stressor for us revolved around my (JPs) classis exams. I decided to pursue ordination in the denomination for professional reasons. There is a much longer story as to why I waited 7 years after I graduated to go back for it, but that is for another post on another day. I had to prepare for four oral exams, and one written exam. The studying for these exams was all consuming. The materials were definitely fun to go over and study but the actual exams themselves were a different story. In front of over a 100 people or so, I would have to orally answer questions pertaining to topics like missions, doctrinal standards, systematic theology, and the reformed understanding of the sacraments. Additionally, I had a written exam on church governance. These are all topics that we studied back in seminary 7 years ago! I had to go back into my notes from seminary, meet with professors, and participate in study groups. This was the real reason why these exams can be stressful.

So the big day finally arrived. Katy claims that she has NEVER seen me study as hard as I did in April and May. We had the exams toward the end of May. I am glad I worried as much as I did because that made me prep well. The exams went of in spectacular fashion. The classis voted to unanimously approve all 11 of us for ordination. The relief I felt after that night was unlike anything I had felt in a long time! I was DONE.

While all this was going on, at ASM, I was quite involved in trying to raise a substantial amount to fund the building of a ministry center in India. In the meantime, Leila got to be a flower girl at yet another wedding! Our dear friends Jon and Kandyce got hitched and invited us to be a part of their unique celebrations in May.

In June, the ordination happened on Father’s Day. It was wonderful to have friends from almost every chapter of my life represented. It was a very special service that brought out the waterworks in everybody. I even had the joy of having my dear friend Prasun from India celebrate with me.

And as is often the case with me, I had to buy tickets and fly out to the east coast for the 4th of July weekend. I got to officiate my first solo wedding! I will tell you about the adventures of that day in another post.

I write this blog to catch most of you up on the second quarter of the year! If you thought the first three months were hectic (and I know we did), the second quarter was probably busier! I am looking for a quiet third quarter (relatively speaking!).

Love you all.. thank you for holding us accountable!


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