It is customary in parts of India to celebrate little girls.   Usually before they turn one, there is a ceremony that is performed and her ears are pierced.    It marks a significant step in the transition from the baby to a little girl.   Katy and I have always wanted to incorporate as many Indian customs as we can into Leila’s life, so she grows up understanding and respecting the two cultures that make up who she is.

Katy and I, however, went back and forth on when exactly we wanted to get this done.  Part of our hesitancy stemmed from the fact that Leila was/is quite reticent with new people.   She has always been uncomfortable with strangers and needs time to warm up to them.   We weren’t sure how she would do with two new people wanting to pierce a hole in her ear!  Fortunately for us, her little cousin Judith just got her ears pierced.  After a conversation with my brother James, I was reassured that this will go just fine.

And so, last Friday with trepidation and great excitement, Katy and I took Leila to the mall.   We scouted out potential “reward” zones for Leila if the piercing did not go as planned.   There were merry-go-rounds, ice-cream stalls, etc., that I had every good intention of going to right after the piercing.   We soon found Claire’s on the upper level of Rivertown Crossings Mall.

Leila surprised us all with her attitude.  For one, we think her stranger anxiety is not what it used to be even a couple of weeks ago.  She has definitely gotten more comfortable with people.   This was not something you could necessarily count or plan on, but still, we weren’t complaining!  A friendly associate at Claire’s talked us through the process.

Leila listened carefully, and even let the girl apply antiseptic on her ear.  These were very good signs, but I was afraid of how it would go in a few minutes.   Soon another girl joined the group, and I was given the job of distracting Leila.   That was an easy task because Claire’s is chockfull of stuff for little girls like Leila.   Before Leila knew what happened, she had a brand new set of earrings lodged in her ear lobes.   Now, Leila did let loose the sirens and waterworks, but within a minute (no exaggeration here), the cries and tears stopped, and Leila was off to examine some purses that escaped her attention when she first walked in!

That evening, there were no merry-go-rounds, no ice-cream, just dinner out at Taco Bell!  Leila looks beautiful with her earrings.  I think you will agree…:)

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